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Batman Invites You to Celebrate His Birthday at Romics--Here’s Why You Should Be at This Party

 Batman and Superman © Jae Lee, Courtesy of Romics Press Office

Guest post by Claudio Ianniello

Romics is an unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in 360° of imagination and fantasy. This event offers ideas to revive childhood dreams and rediscover a wealth of symbols and myths that—consciously or not—we all refer to at some point during our lives. Despite the economic, moral, and intellectual crisis we are experiencing, this festival of comics, animation, games, and entertainment, returns to the Nuova Fiera di Roma with renewed energy for its 15th edition. The slew of interesting events and guest stars from around the world confirming the international appeal of this great Kermesse that takes place in Rome twice a year. Organized by the Fiera di Roma and I Castelli Animati ( the international animated film festival), the exhibition takes place inside enormous trade pavilions, which host dozens of stands with all the latest releases, video games, gadgets, as well as major collectors and representatives of the most important publishing houses and comic book shops. There are also various themed performances, as wells as areas where fans can meet with authors, personalities, and publishers.

Paolo Barbieri, Courtesy of Romics Press Office
Barry Purves [source]

Three world-class special guests will receive this year's Romics d'Oro Award. First, an undisputed star of American comics, Jae Lee, the author of the latest Batman and Superman series, and a true legend in the world Dc Comics. In addition, the festival celebrates 75 years of Batman, an unmissable milestone for comic book lovers. And from the universe of Fantasy drawing comes the astonishing pencil Paolo Barbieri, who has designed covers for the books of dozens of writers, including Michael Crichton, Clive Clusser, Umberto Eco, Bernard Cornwell, and Wilbur Smith. He also illustrated a publication of Dante's Inferno and St. John’s Apocalypse, both meeting with resounding success. Barbieri’s work will be the subject of a retrospective exhibition. And finally, straight from the big screen, legendary animator and director Barry Purves, will be making an appearance. This Oscar-nominated puppet master has collaborated with directors such as Tim Burton on Mars Attack and Peter Jackson on King Kong.

Naoya Yamaguchi [source]

Romics will also host a world-renowned master photographer, Naoya Yamaguchi, one of the greatest interpreters of Eastern photography. Yamaguchi travels around the world presenting his work, The Japonism, an exhibition of his photographs that express the essence of the Japanese spirit, and reveal the hidden soul of the Land of the Rising Sun.

© Naoya Yamaguchi, Courtesy of Romics Press Office

Other events include the "Grand Gala of Dubbing," a tribute to the great Italian voice-over actors, the presentation of the "Cosplay Romics Award" and “Cosplay Kids Award,” competitions dedicated to those passionate about dressing up as their favorite comic book characters.
In addition, with the aim of providing maximum circulation of high-quality comic books, Romics hosts a comic book competition, offering a comprehensive overview of the most recent and relevant publications in Italian comic books, published by major publishing houses specializing in both comic books and graphic novels.

Batman, Courtesy of Romics Press Office

An entertaining first-time event will be the “Nippon World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay By Live Adam” where participants will perform (in costume) the theme songs of Japanese cartoons.

ovie lovers will enjoy a preview of the horror film Oculus by Mike Flanagan starring Karen Gillian. In the Movie Village, the film area that was inaugurated last year, will be dedicated to the fourth season of Game of Thrones. In short, there is something for everyone—whether you’re a comic book lover, a gamer, a movie enthusiast, or just someone who remembers dressing up as their favorite super hero as a kid. For anyone who appreciates original design, a good book, or an artistic photo, Romics is all this, and much more.

Nuova Fiera di Roma
Via Portuense, 1645 (north entrance)
Tel 0687729190.
3—6 April. Open 10am—8pm.
To get there, take the FR1 train to “Nuova Fiera di Roma” (€1.50) from Tiburtina, Tuscolana, Ostiense, or Trastevere stations.
By car take the “Fiera di Roma” exit on the Roma-Fiumicino freeway.
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