Friday, September 9, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Italian Office Life (musical version)

The downside of working in an Italian office: your boss makes fun of you for how pale you are at the end of summer, showing off his chocolate colored arm in comparison to your yogurt-colored one.

The upside of working in an Italian office: he does this by singing a 1959 hit single by the one-and-only, inimitable Mina, and you and your officemates sing Italian pop songs from the 60s for the rest of the afternoon.

Here are some of the lyrics, and I must admit, they do seem to apply to me:

Abbronzate, tutte chiazze,
Pellirosse un pò paonazze
son le ragazze che prendono il sol,
Ma ce ne una che prende la luna!

Tintarella di luna!
Tintarella color latte!
Tutta notte sopra il tetto,
Sopra il tetto con i gatti,
E se c'è la luna piena,
Tu diventi candida!

I tried translating this into English, but it is so silly (like so many Italian songs, unfortuanately), that I just can't bear to do it. For those of you who don't read Italian, it's basically a song about a girl who, instead of taking the sun and getting all splotchy and red-faced like most girls, takes the moon instead. She lies on the roof all night long so her skin is as white as milk, and when there's a full moon, she becomes white as snow...
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  1. When there's a full moon, "tu diventi candida"...i imagine this meaning that she in fact finally becomes red-faced!;-) Don't you know what the cats are up there doing?!;-) :-)

  2. Bosses sure know how to rub it in, i.e. their suntanned skin compared to office workers' plain yogurt-colored skin!


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