When one of my oldest childhood friends (who just happens to be a radio producer) moved to Rome earlier this year, it was a natural decision for us to start a podcast about our experiences as expats. The podcast is casual and conversational, and all about the joys and frustrations of the expat life. We tackle many topics, from homesickness to foreign language to dating the locals to "going native" and some much less pleasant subjects as well; basically the good, the bad, and the ugly. We call it The BitterSweet Life and we hope you'll listen along as we discuss what it's like to be an expat for the long-term (me) and for the short-term (Katy). The weekly episodes are about 20-30 minutes long (perfect for your commute!) and always free. Check it out here. And tell me what you think!

Here's some background about us and the podcast.
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